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How to make a web application for any AI model

Yes! you read the title right. So, today in this post I’ll show you how to setup a basic image-classifier in the form of a web application. Basic requirementsBefore we getting dive more into it, I am

Android Testing Strategy

Testing android application is quite hard. There is no set guidelines for us to follow. When ever I started thinking of testing my application I always get confused where to start, should I write un

Sharing modules across Android apps

Sharing modules across Android appsWhile most android apps are created with a single default app module, in the last few years people have startedmoving to a multi module structure for their Android a

Text detection in number plates

Text detection in number platesOne of the vital modules in the optical character recognition(OCR) pipeline is text detectionand segmentation which is also called text localization. In this post, we wi

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