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Python and Kafka: message passing and more

Python and Kafka: message passing and moreAt many stages during a developer’s career, he/she has to build systems capable of communicating with another. For example, there may be two python programs a


IntroductionThis post talks about a simple Convolution Neural Network (CNN) which is used torecognize characters i.e. Numeric and Alphabet. We have total 10 Numeric and 26Alphabets that sums up the to

How to make a web application for any AI model

Yes! you read the title right. So, today in this post I’ll show you how to setup a basic image-classifier in the form of a web application. Basic requirementsBefore we getting dive more into it, I am

Text detection in number plates

Text detection in number platesOne of the vital modules in the optical character recognition(OCR) pipeline is text detectionand segmentation which is also called text localization. In this post, we wi

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